The Ultimate Summer Festival Style Guide for Men

The Ultimate Summer Festival Style Guide for Men

Summer festivals are not really among the most stylish of affairs, considering that these are frenzy filled events of music, dirt and disturbed bowel movements. This simply means that whatever you decide to wear, there is a very high likelihood of it getting ruined. But the question is, how can you navigate the thin line between looking stylish and being prepared for whatever is thrown at you in the festival? This article has the answer to the ultimate summer festival style guide for men.

Summer Festival Style Guide: Sturdy Footwear

Let’s get one thing out of the way. A festival is not the best place to rock you fancy white sneaker. The shoes that will help you navigate the muddy terrain need to be sturdy and durable. Depending on the kind of weather expected during the days of the festival, you can go for a pair of work boots. If there is a chance of rain, go for footwear with rubber soles.

Summer Festival Style Guide: T-shirts and Shorts on Warmer Days

No one would want to be dressed in multiple layers for a festival under the scorching sun. This is where keeping it simple is the key. Cotton tees and twill shorts are a perfect solution. Avoid wearing items that have a tight fitting and go for the ones with loose cuts, as you want air to flow freely through them. A striped top is a great choice if you don’t want to wear jazzy prints and bolder colors.

Summer Festival Style Guide: Sticking to The Classics

If you want to go for a failsafe outfit, the classic leather jacket, Chelsea boots and straight denim is your answer. The best part is that this outfit is evergreened can be worn on numerous occasions.

Summer Festival Style Guide: Sunglasses

On bright sunny days, shades are the saviors for your eyes. You would not want to squint through the performances of your favorite artists. Sunglasses are a must have as you will be spending a lot of time in the sun.