Summer 2018 in Shorts

When it comes to men’s fashion people often think there is not much to play with, especially in summer. It is always a pair of shorts and the lightest shirt in the wardrobe that becomes the choice of everyday summer outfit. You don’t have to give up your shorts or light fabric t-shirts for the sake of trend besides once the summer sun hits everyone throw away their jeans deep in the wardrobe till the fall.

Summer 2018 in Shorts

In our summer fashion guide for men we have chosen some really cool yet classy shorts look that everyone can carry with their own touch. These styles really make you look effortlessly trendy.


All Light:

In summer when the scorching sun is upon your head, all you want is a light outfit, not only in fabric but also in color. In summer wearing a color as cool as white is a personal favorite. Styling a light cotton white shirt with go-to khaki shorts is probably the most common yet trendy look and, it never gets old.


Summer and Chinos:

there is no look classier than chino shorts during summer. The light cotton fabric and the chic statement it makes are very hard to compare to any other style. One of the best choices to make if you want to look more than casual this summer.


Keeping it simple:

Some people really like to keep it simple in summer. In fact summer is all about simplicity. If you want to look unique in your simple style with least amount of efforts then this is the one for you. Shorts that looks simple yet different due to their unique shade of blue and cool white t-shirt.


You can pick other different shades of shorts that are not too out there but unique enough to stand out.

Casual and Classic:

stripes are classic summer choice. No summer wardrobe can be complete without a striped clothing article. The look below is also very classic and casual as summer is all about casual and what could be more casual than a pair of striped t-shirt and light blue jeans shorts.

All of these above style go really well with the summer vibe; cool, breezy and effortless. You can own these styles by giving them a personal touch of accessories like, a pair of sunglasses, men bag and caps.