The Key Rules of Dressing Well for Men

The Key Rules of Dressing Well for Men

They say that rules are meant to be broken, but there are few rules when it comes to dressing well that you should adhere to. These rules have been true and tested over the years. Some of them may seem too obvious, something that often leads to getting them overlooked. Here are the key rules of dressing well for men that should not be bent.

Rules of Dressing Well for Men: Suit

The secret to looking great in a suit lies in its fit. If you are getting a ready-made suit, make sure that it has a perfect fit across the shoulder area, as it is easier to get alteration on the waist and chest areas. Think of your suit as a canvas where you can paint the picture of individuality. It is all about how you wear the suit and not the label on it.

Rules of Dressing Well for Men: Decent Watch

You need to regard watches as a piece of art. Something that you chose because you loved it, as it is very personal. Aesthetically appealing, functional, and rugged looking sports watches work well with anything and have the ability to go perfectly with everyday wear.

Rules of Dressing Well for Men: Color

Do not shy away from color, whether you are choosing casual or formal dressing. Men tend to avoid colors that are not navy or grey. When worn correctly, colors can be timeless too.

Rules of Dressing Well for Men: Wear in Your Denims

Denims should be worn until they become “yours’. Don’t wash your jeans and wear them without putting them through the washing machine for as long as possible.

Rules of Dressing Well for Men: Your Looks

Your skin needs just as much care as the leather on your jacket. The best way to do it is by establishing a solid and regular grooming routine.