How to Look Like a Rockstar in Your Men’s Royal Blue Suit?

Royal Blue Suit

Just purchased a brand new royal blue suit for your sister’s wedding?
Well, now you must be worried about what to wear with it. We all do. I still recall an incident when I went to a party wearing colorful shoes with my Italian three-piece suit and became a laughing stock.

You wouldn’t want this for sure. Neither do I.

For this reason, I have come with this blog where I will share some effective style tips that will help you look your best.

Have a look:

What shirt to wear with Royal Blue Suit?

The best colors for men to wear in winter with a royal blue suit are silver, white, black, or blue red.

For the spring season, bright yellow, light blue, magenta, off-white, navy blue and lime green, emerald green will suit you well.

What shoes to wear?

How to Look Like a Rockstar in Your Men’s Royal Blue Suit?

Royal blue suit looks well with black, brown, red, or deep burgundy shade shoes. You can wear them for a party or casual settings. However, on formal occasions, I would suggest you wear black shoes. They will look fantastic in them.

Things to keep in mind

  • Be careful with the tonality and avoid wearing electric or violent blue colors
  • Make sure the clothes you wear are two to three shades lighter than your royal blue coat
  • In casual settings, a crisp white shirt will look best with the suit. For shoes, you can go for loafers or driving shoes
  • Office goers can wear a plain or thin striped light blue shirt with a dark chestnut shoe
  • Last but not the least: Royal blue color signifies confidence. So, wear it like you mean it.

Remember, you can’t look your best unless you’re confident that you’re actually looking best.

So, first work on your confidence, and then on other things.

In short

Royal blue is an amazing color that can give an edge to your personality. However, you just need to be careful wearing it – because a slight mistake can result in all your efforts to look stylish going futile.

The tips we mentioned here have been picked up by style experts and tried & tested by me. I am pretty sure that they will help you out.

Still, it’s hard to say until you try these tips yourself. So, first try them and then let me know of your views in comments.

Best of luck!