Which Shirts You Need to Tuck In!

Which Shirts You Need to Tuck In!

Unless you happen to be the He-Man or one of the blue dudes from Avatar, it is safe to say that shirts are an essential part of a man’s wardrobe. Whether it is because of the dress code at the office, or a special date, you will see men in shirts quite often. However, there is a tiny detail that most shirts wearing men don’t have a tight grip on—the art of tucking.

If you want to know which shirts you need to tuck in, this is the ultimate guide for you!

When Do You Tuck in A Shirt?

Before digging into the different ways you can tuck your shirt in, the first thing that you need to know is whether your garment can be tucked in or not. It is important because there are more to tucking then just stuffing your shirt into the trousers. You can figure this out very easily by looking at the hem of your shirt.

Which Shirts You Need to Tuck In: Straight Hem

If your shirt has uniform length across its hem, then you can wear it untucked. Straight hem shirts are probably meant to be worn this way. This enables you to just throw the shirt on, button it up, forget about tucking and head out of the door.

Which Shirts You Need to Tuck In: Curved Hem

The shirts that have curved hems, with longer front and tail are usually the kind of shirts that need to be tucked in. The design allows them to have a great range of motion while tucked behind the waistband. There are no hard and fast rules, with a lot of grey areas in between.

Which Shirts You Need to Tuck In: Shirt Length

Other than the curve, the length of the shirt is also a guiding tool that determines whether it needs to be tucked in or not. This is usually the case with the dress shirts as they are longer in length and need to be tucked in.