3 Looks That You Can Kill This Summer

3 Looks That You Can Kill This Summer
Usually, when it comes to statements, most of them are usually not pleasant. However, as far as the statement looks are concerned, they can propel you on the path to becoming an ace of menswear.

  • 3 Looks That You Can Kill This Summer: White Trousers

White trousers possess the unique ability to polarize opinion, as everyone seems to have one about them. Usually, folks are not too stoked about this legwear, but there are still some ways you can wear them like the maestros.
Just make sure that your white trousers don’t have longer hems and are cut slim so that they show a little bit of ankles. While the tonal outfits of navy, beige or black colors that seem to be a great choice, break this tradition in the case of white. Something that has a neutral color will look great with white trousers.

  • 3 Looks That You Can Kill This Summer: Cropped Jeans

In the time where retro styles are constantly making comebacks, cropped jeans have managed to join the race too. In contrast to how they were given a full-blown grunge treatment in the 90s, things need to be toned down a bit now. Pair the relaxed cropped jeans with desert shoes or half cab shoes for a better look.

  • 3 Looks That You Can Kill This Summer: Floral Shirt

As much as we adore the minimal menswear movements, they tend to get a bit boring over time. So, who do we fix that? By adding floral shirts to the mix. The floral shirts are the perfect antithesis to boring.
When choosing the shirt, the ideal choice would be to go with the painted or micro florals patterns, while the base color of shirt should be a darker shade. If the sleeves are short they should be rolled up. Pair the floral shirt with tailored trousers or smart chinos. You can also wear it unbuttoned over a t-shirt. If you are feeling too crazy, you can also try tucking one end of the shirt in for a sleek finish.