Easy Guide to Wearing Difficult Menswear Summer Pieces

Easy Guide to Wearing Difficult Menswear Summer Pieces
Summertime is great for a lot of things, like going on vacation, all sorts of outdoor activities, and much more. It is also the time to try out some cool menswear pieces, that are considered difficult. Difficult is just a word and with just a little bit of effort, you can pull off these looks.

Here is an easy guide to wearing difficult menswear summer pieces.

  • Wearing Difficult Menswear Summer Pieces: Cropped Trousers

There are two major upsides to wearing cropped trousers: they let air flow through the sweaty shin and ankles, and on top of that they are a comfy substitute to the standard trousers, which have the tendency to get boring when worn day in and day out.
However, you need to go easy on the crop as you don’t want these trousers to turn into three-quarters shorts. Just let them stay few inches above your ankle.

  • Wearing Difficult Menswear Summer Pieces: Short-Sleeved Shirt

The key to wearing short-sleeved shirts is to treat them more like t-shirts and less like their bigger cousins, long sleeve shirts. You can wear them with casual jeans, shorts or chinos. Summertime also gives you the opportunity to play around with colors, patterns, and prints. They are best worn unbuttoned and fabric should be light to compensate for warmer weather.

  • Wearing Difficult Menswear Summer Pieces: Florals

Florals, one of the hardest menswear pieces to pull off correctly are also a summertime item. It doesn’t take much for it to go from style move to a style fail when wearing florals. There’s also the possibility to pair them with something that is ridiculous. You can wear florals in two main ways. You can wear larger floral prints with something that is plain so that the focus is drawn to the print, and for smaller prints, you can go with another pattern to give a bolder look.