Suits And Watches: Finding The Perfect Match (2018)

Suits And Watches - Finding The Perfect Match

A nice dress suit is a go-to outfit when a man wants to look his best. Preparing this outfit is a meticulous ritual. From the suit to the belt to the socks and the shoes. These pieces must be coordinated in order to pull off the outfit.

One inconsistency and the total look will be a failure of epic proportion. Another piece that will complete this outfit is the watch. This is an important piece because it will add class and elegance to the suit. The watch a man chooses will say a lot about his fashion sense.

In order for the timepieces and fashion match, we have to understand a little about the guiding principles that rule on how to wear a suit properly.

Watch Size Matters when you wear a suit

The new luxury watches are large and oversized and almost cover the entire wrist. These watches are all good, no doubt about that but they are not appropriate for a suit. The watch that can be worn with a suit should be understated and smaller. It should perfectly fit beneath a perfectly tailored dress shirt. The watch should peak out from underneath the shirt cuff. It should not be worn over the cuff. The should be at having a diameter of about 40mm or smaller. This size is just perfect for a gentleman wearing a suit.

The best Material for a suit Watch

If you asked me what the perfect watch material for a suit is, I would say nothing comes close to an 18K gold case and a black or brown leather strap. Watches like these such as Ambassador Heritage, possesses a classic and elegant look that complements perfectly tailored suit.

It is a fashion faux pas if you wear a watch with a rubber strap when you are wearing a suit. Reserve this for you diving or hiking trip and never with a classic suit.

Ambassador Heritage 1921 with Black Strap from our partner Abmbassador Watches

Ambassador Heritage 1921 with Black Strap from our partner Abmbassador Watches.

The Watch Color worn with a suit

The general rule is if you are wearing a black suit, you should wear a watch with a black strap and a white or black dial. You can have any material for the case. It can be rose gold, an 18K gold, silver or white gold. Even a watch with a stainless steel case is still acceptable.

To match your watch to your belt and shoes, they should be in one color. In general, the colors should create a perfect harmony as a backdrop to your exquisitely made suit. This will tie your whole outfit together.

Classic Watch with White Face and Black Leather Strap

Color Matching between your Watch and Suit

Since a watch is an accessory that can elevate an outfit. If a man is wearing a suit, a watch with timeless elegance is a statement of his impeccable taste. It is a testimony to his style. When it comes to matching the watch with the color of the suit, there is no clear policy, as in nothing is absolute about it. However, there are few rules that can serve as a guide for a gentleman’s choice.

Here is the simple guide on what watch to wear with a suit to have a cohesive look and reflect your timeless elegance. We can be flexible though because, in the end, the choice is always yours.

The Light Grey Suit

Classic Light Gray Suit paired with a Gold Watch with Black Face and Black Leather Strap

You always feel ambivalent when it comes to deciding on what watch can match a light grey suit. This hue is very flexible, and there can be a lot of options to match it with. There are a number of color alternatives to create a cohesive look. You can base your watch choice on the color of the belt and the shoes.

You also have choices between a silver strap and a leather strap. If your option is a leather strap, it can be plain or embossed. For the color, you choose between a light shade of brown or go for a solid black color for a perfect color harmony. The key fashion tip is to wear a simple watch and aim for a class.

The Dark Grey Suit

A leather strap watch is best worn with a dark grey suit. Go for a simple dress watch but with elegant details. A black or a darker brown strap is a versatile color as it can fit in any setting. You can wear them with a business suit and even for your formal suit. It is traditional to have a matching tiepin, belt buckles and watch, but the latest fashion trends tend to veer away from this rule. If you want to have a cohesive look with these fashion elements, go for a rose gold case or a silver-tone case. The Ambassador Watch Heritage is a perfect versatile timepiece that is worth an investment for its versatility.

Check out the classic Ambassador heritage 1863 With Mesh Strap.

The Blue Suit

Colored suits are in general more flexible when it comes to the watch color to match. The choice depends on the accessories that you are wearing with your blue suit. If you are wearing brown shoes, your belt should be brown leather, and your watch should have a brown watch band too. If you opt for black then all your accessories should match the black too.

If you want to level up your style, a watch with subtle and colorful details will not hurt.

The Navy Suit

It is time to bring out your metal strap watch for the navy suit. Although leather straps are still acceptable to wear with this suit, and finding the right color of the metal strap will add to this style. A stainless steel watch with a black face is a perfect for the navy suit. A little contrast will work well. In short, you can be flexible with a navy suit as long as you are paying attention to the smart finishes of your accessories.

Navy Blue Suit paired with Brown Leather Strap Watch

The Black Suit

If you want to go with a black suit, then go ahead. A black suit  should be very predictable with its accessories. You are expected to wear black shoes, a black belt and of course, a black strap watch in leather. You can be flexible with the face color though. You can choose between a silver tone face or black on black watch face. This will create a cohesive look and a serious fashion statement.

If you are wearing a black tuxedo, a stylist suggested that it should never be worn with a watch. However, fashion is not static. It is evolving. We can see dress watch with subtle elegance is now worn with a tuxedo. Follow the same suggestions as for a black suit.

Final Thoughts on Watches and Suits

We have given you an idea of what watches to wear with different suits. These rules are not definite, although it does not hurt if we follow the practical ones. In the end, it all boils down to your gut feeling. Your taste will naturally dictate what watch to choose for your suit. If it feels right, then it must be the right choice.

If you want to start to build a collection of watches, no matter what brand or price point, you should have few classic watches with different color leather straps. Stick to the basic blackand brown, as well as silver or metal bands. These colors are flexible and will get you through any occasion. You can experiment with different colors, style, and pattern to express your individuality as long as it will blend well you the overall look you are trying to project when you wear a suit.


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