The Best Way to Dress for Summer Weddings

Dress for Summer Weddings

We have all been there—when the summertime weddings become a never-ending affair, as you attend one nuptial after another. Summer is the wedding season, and to be prepared and knowing the best way to dress for summer weddings, it is important to take the venue into consideration.
It is easier to manage when you are given a dress code; if you do not get one, there is a likelihood of making wrong or inappropriate choices. Knowing the venue of the ceremony can assist you to make sound selections. Here are the best ways to dress for summer weddings.

The Best Way to Dress for Summer Weddings: The Church Wedding (Traditional)

For an early function that takes place before 6 pm, you have to wear a white-tie. A few must-haves are, a light colored shirt with turned-down collar and waistcoats, grey or black morning coats with tails, black-and-grey striped or grey trousers and of course a pair of black shoes. You can opt for grey or black top if you like.

The Best Way to Dress for Summer Weddings: A Black Tie

A black-tie looks less ceremonial than a white one. Similarly, a black hat looks very formal as compared to a grey hat. Midnight blue shade should be preferred to black one; it gives a slightly different vibe from most of the other men wearing black ties.

The Best Way to Dress for Summer Weddings: The Modern Wedding (City)

If you have to attend a wedding in the city, you have a variety of options. You can even wear brown in the wedding ceremonies. It is recommended that you pick a dark tone and make it more stylish with a neat handkerchief and tie. The dress that you choose should not give the impression that you are coming straight from the office. Considering silhouette-wise, double-breasted can be a good alternate to a daily-wear two-piece suit.