The Proper Way of Dressing for Smart Casual Events This Summer

The Proper Way of Dressing for Smart Casual Events This Summer

As much as we love summers, they put us in a tricky spot. How to look good while dripping with sweat from head to toe? If you happen to live in one of those areas where the warm weather is particularly harsh, dressing for events in summers can be a problematic fest. Luckily, instead of having to be uncomfortable or unstylish at these events, there are a few solutions and dressing options that will save you from wringing out in a suit by noon.
Here is a breakdown of how to traverse the events in summers while being both comfortable and stylish.

Dressing for Smart Casual Events This Summer: Night Out

Other than the folks from areas where the temperature drops at night, you would want to dress up very differently during nights in summer than the winter. Even on mild evenings, and particularly at smart casual events, you will still need to dress properly.

Instead of resorting to flip-flops and shorts, go for the tried and true posse of a T-shirt and chinos. Top that with a textured casual jacket to jazz up and keep away any breeze.

Dressing for Smart Casual Events This Summer: Vacation

One of the charms of vacations during this time of the year is that it gives you a break from your regular office wear look. However, you will still need an upgrade from your poolside attire.

These high temperatures call for the high style; start with tailored shorts, pair them with a breathable linen shirt and loafers while matching your summer look with stylish accessories like a pair of sunglasses.

Dressing for Smart Casual Events This Summer: Weddings

Unless there is a strict dress code, summertime nuptials offer a great opportunity to showcase a little bit of vestiary flair.

Something usually associated with colder months, a stylish wool suit surprisingly is a smart choice as it can regulate the body heat and wick the moisture away from your body. To finish it strong, go for a gracefully knotted tie.

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