Wearing a Turquoise Dress Shirt to a Wedding

Turquoise Dress Shirt

Turquoise is a great color to wear to any wedding. The color turquoise is associated with meanings of  sophistication, love, tranquility and loyalty. A Turquoise dress shirt would work with any theme for a wedding whether it’s a spring, summer or winter. We will look at three (3) outfit ideas on how to wear a Turquoise dress shirt to a wedding.

  • Spring Wedding- If you received an invitation to go to a wedding in the Spring, you can opt to wear a Turquoise dress shirt and with Khaki pants. Khaki is a very neutral color which would blend seamlessly with  turquoise. As it relates to shoes, a pair of brown leather brogues would seal the outfit. Your entire outfit would denote simplicity and sophistication.
  • Summer Wedding- If you are invited to an island dream wedding in the Tropics, a pair of white linen pants and a turquoise dress shirt would be your ‘go to’ outfit. White and turquoise are very somber colors yet they denote the feeling of love and tranquility. As it relates to footwear, a pair of brown dress sandals would complement your outfit. If the sun is too hot, you can never go wrong by wearing brown aviators. You will be dressed for the sunny weather while still making a statement at the wedding.
  • Winter Wedding- You are invited to a wedding in December in Canada.You can opt to wear a turquoise dress shirt under a gray slim fit suit with a pink tie checkered tie. Pink and gray are all neutral colors that work seamless with turquoise. As it relates to shoes, then you can opt for a pair of brown leather boots to keep you warm. Your entire look will denote chic and sophistication.

In summary, turquoise is an ideal color to wear to a spring, summer or winter wedding. It denotes tranquility, love and sophistication.A turquoise dress shirt can be worn to any wedding and can be worn with khaki pants, white linen pants and a gray suit.