3 Ways to dress down a Blazer

3 Ways to dress down a Blazer

There are some days when you are going to feel like dressing down for work but you still want to look and feel your best. What better way to do this by wearing casual shirts under a blazer. A blazer is a plain jacket not forming part of a suit but considered appropriate for formal wear. The first iteration of the blazer existed about as far from the office as you could imagine. The jacket has roots as part of a uniform for a variety of boating and maritime activities. In fact, the name derives from a ship, the HMS Blazer. The crew of this navy vessel wore blue and white striped jackets, which wearers began to refer to as “blazers.”

We’ll look at three (3) ways you can dress down a  blazer and still look chic.

  • A Bold Color Crew Neck Shirt- Wearing an orange crew neck shirt would work perfectly with a dark blue blazer. The bold color will amp up your look and let you stand out from the crowd. The shirt and blazer combination would be perfect with a pair of light blue jeans and dark blue tassel loafers. You can wear this outfit to the office as a business casual suit or you can wear it on a business trip.
  • A Knit Polo Shirt- You can never go wrong if you wear a gray knit polo shirt with a black slim fit blazer. The gray knit polo shirt would seamlessly complement the black blazer. It would also create a soft yet elegant feeling. You can never go wrong with a pair of black denim and black canvas lace up trainers.
  • The Denim Button Down Shirt- Wearing a light blue denim button shirt  with a charcoal gray blazer would exude classy and sophisticated. You can opt to wear a pair of dark washed jeans and cognac oxfords.

In conclusion, a blazer is a perfect staple to wear when you want to create a business casual effect. Blazers are perfect with a crew neck shirt, a knit polo shirt and a denim button down shirt to achieve this overall effect. They allow you to look casual but still allows you to make a fashion statement.