What to Wear to The Beach This Summer

What to Wear to the Beach This Summer

What to Wear to the Beach This Summer

The beach style has much more to it than a pair of swim shorts and a floral shirt. If you thought this was it, then you sir, are not ready. To truly crush the beach style, when you are chilling at the seaside, you will need to add at least three or four outfits to your wardrobe. We have listed four looks that cover all time and weather condition, to make sure that you look stylish at every hour.

What to Wear to the Beach This Summer: Bonfire at The Beach

Following a fun day of hanging out and swimming, there is nothing better than just relaxing before a bonfire in the evening. Of course, as things tend to get a bit nippy, it is vital to put on one or two light layers. Go with a cotton crewneck shirt along with light types of denim and some retro kicks for a stylish combination. Also, remember to keep a towel when you are packing, so that there is somewhere for you to sit.

What to Wear to the Beach This Summer: When the Sun Is Out

In essence, these are essentials of your beach attire — a casual swimsuit, a linen t-shirt, and pair them with cool slides. This is the kind of combination that you can rock for chilling out on the sand, playing beach volleyball, or just strolling to the boardwalk to enjoy margaritas and tacos.

What to Wear to the Beach This Summer: Cool and Cloudy

Depending on how close you are to the water, the weather at the beach can be sporadically unpredictable, even during the months of summer. For such cloudy and cool times, go with a long sleeve t-shirt, casual drawstring pants with sneakers that can be worn on beaches. Combine that with a cap and an anorak in case the weather conditions get dicey.

What to Wear to the Beach This Summer: Commuting to The Beach

When on your way to and back from the beach, the attire should be both light, comfy and can be quickly slipped out of. The best choice would be a plain t-shirt under an open patterned collar shirt, pair of shorts that ground the top while rocking canvas sneakers on your feet.