The 5 Keys of The Summer Style

The 5 Keys of The Summer Style

The 5 Keys of The Summer Style

Each time of year has its certain standards for dressing. During the months of winter and fall, for example, there are thicker clothes, darker shades, and the patterns are subtle. For springtime and summer, it switches to lighter fabrics, bolder patterns, and livelier shades. Summer is the season to welcome and enjoy those lengthy, sluggish, sunny days. Now if you need help with your summer style, we have you covered with these 5 keys to the summer style.

1. The 5 Keys of The Summer Style: Traveling Light

Now that the weather is warmer, you don’t have to pack heavy when you are traveling. Unless the trip is a long one, you should keep a backpack with basics. Just bring stuff that can have multiple uses, A swimsuit, for example, will serve perfectly as shorts for a workout too. A plain blazer will fit in well with the shorts during the daytime while switching to chinos in the evening.

2. The 5 Keys of The Summer Style: Bolder Swimwear

This is the time for you to let loose your inner John Elton and go crazy with the color choice and patterns on your swimwear. So, feel free to throw in some festivity to it as this is the one piece of clothing you can be loud with.

3. The 5 Keys of The Summer Style: Lighter Suits

Irrespective of whether you are attending a formal event or just your regular office meeting, whenever you need to put on a suit, go with a lighter cloth, something like summer wool, linen, or cotton. It will make the sweltering days more bearable and sitting in these meetings more comfortable for you,

4. The 5 Keys of The Summer Style: Low Tops

Unless you really have to, just skip the socks, when choosing your footwear, go with low tops and don’t hesitate to show the ankles,

5. The 5 Keys of The Summer Style: A Plain Navy Blazer

A perfect-for-every-occasion kind of hack for the summer days—a plain navy blazer. It is a versatile, comfortable and stylish piece of clothing that you can put on for any event and it will look like just what the doctor ordered,