Modern Prep 101: The Ultimate Modern Prep Style Guide

Modern Prep 101 - The Ultimate Modern Prep Style Guide

The days of preppy being considered an exclusive style of boarding schools of the East Coast and 80s John Hughes flicks are long gone. Now, classic prep fashion has managed to sneak into pretty much every dressing style. From the street style to the downtown chic, to athleisure; you can see modern prep all over the place. If you somehow are yet to board the bandwagon, we have listed super easy ways of injecting a dose of the modern prep style coolness to almost any look.

The Ultimate Modern Prep Style Guide: The Button-Down Kind

There is nothing that personifies the prep quite like an Oxford shirt and a pair of chinos—the essentials that you are going to find in the closet of any classic dresser. However, to truly slay the preppy style, you have you go with lighter shades for the shirt, stripes are a bonus, and a light or an off-white khaki color for the chinos. Put on a woven belt for some texture and team it with a patterned bomber jacket to add some pop. And for the final move, go with the Sperry boat shoe.

The Ultimate Modern Prep Style Guide: The Athletic Kind

This is for the ‘bro’ who is always ‘game’ for action. Whether it is a pick-up game in the park or reps at the outdoor gym, you will find him ready to go. A striped t-shirt matched up with linen shorts are trendy, and must-haves for the summertime. They will work with all types of active lifestyles and are an authentic essential of any warm-weather wardrobe. All you have to do to prep it up is by adding a pair of white canvas kicks to the mix, and, when the heat dies down in the late afternoon, a bright colored windbreaker.

The Ultimate Modern Prep Style Guide: The Laid-Back Casual Kind

As for the laidback, surfer sort, a light cotton shirt with linen pants is the go-to for those long summer days. So, how do we prep it up? Go for light shades for your linen pants, and pair it with a popover shirt. And lastly, for the classic piece of preppy goodness, a bright-hued seersucker cap.