The 3 Top Colored Suits to wear to a Wedding

The 3 Top Colored Suits to wear to a Wedding

A wedding is a marvelous occasion highlighting two people as they become one. This day will be remembered forever both by the happy couple and by the well-wishers. It is critical that you not only look your best for the photos but also to make a statement. You will need a great suit to stand out in the crowd and have them talking about you for ages. How you wear your suit states a lot about your personality and the impression you want to create. The three (3) top color suits to wear are cobalt blue, purple and maroon. These colors symbolize unity, confidence, and warmth. Let’s discuss each suit and which color will appeal to you.


  • A cobalt blue suit- This color communicates significance, importance, and confidence without creating somber or sinister feelings. This suit can be paired with an ivory tie or a navy colored tie. A bold, cobalt blue suit with a complementary navy colored tie and black formal shoes represents chic and sharp. This suit will be perfect if you’re attending fall or winter wedding and will definitely speak for itself during the reception.


  • A purple suit- This color represents creativity, grandeur, mystery, and independence. This color works so well throughout the year, particularly in autumn and winter months. A slim fit suit would be great with a black bow tie, a purple vest, and black formal shoes. This purple suit would scream sophistication and class while letting you stand out without diverting attention from the groom.


  • A maroon suit- This color is often used to represent intense and passionate things like; excitement, risk, passion, and beauty. Maroon colors are ideal for spring and autumn weddings. This suit would be perfect with an electric blue tie, a white shirt, and black formal shoes.

In Conclusion, the top 3 colors to wear to an autumn or winter wedding are cobalt blue, purple and maroon. These colors symbolize unity confidence and warmth while letting you stand out in the crowd and not divert attention from the groom. It would be wise to make an investment in these colored suits.