3 Styles of Dress Shoes for the Office

3 Styles of Dress Shoes for the Office

A dress shoe is a shoe to be worn at casual or more formal events. Dress shoes are an essential part of a man’s wardrobe. You can never have enough dress shoes. There are three styles of dress shoes that a man should have. Most classic men’s shoe types were designed in various European fashion capitals during the 19th century. The shoe types created then have stood the test of time, although, in keeping with trends, they’ve undertaken slight modifications over the years. Three style of shoes to have are an Oxford, a Derby and a Brogue. We will discuss them in detail and learn about some outfit ideas.


  • Oxford- Oxfords originated in Scotland and are sometimes called ‘Balmorals.’ With Oxfords, the “facing” (where the eyelets are located) is sewn under the vamp.  A closed lace gives a sleeker appearance, so a decent pair of black plain-toe Oxfords is your go-to dress shoe (buy them in patent leather for extra sophistication.


  • Derby- Derbies have open laces (the facing is open at the bottom), giving a more robust and versatile feel.They come in colors ranging from cognac and oxblood to other reds and browns. They can be worn with a suit, jeans or chinos. If you’re a little more traditional, adhere to their rustic roots and stick to pants  and a sports jacket.


  • Brogue- is a style of low-heeled shoe or boot traditionally characterised by multiple-piece, sturdy leather uppers with decorative perforations (or "broguing") and serration along the pieces' visible edges. Brogues are most commonly found in one of four toe cap styles (full or "wingtip", semi-, quarter and longwing) Semi brogues tend to be more formal than full brogues but can suit a variety of outfits.The quarter brogue is ideal for business and formal occasions.


On that note, the three styles of dress shoes to have are Oxfords, Derbies and Brogues. Black Oxfords are perfect dress shoes for the office as they give a sleek appearance and sophistication. Brogues are worn with a suit or chinos and would still create a business casual look.