Essential loafers for the workplace

Learn how to wear loafers to the office

Essential loafers for the workplace


Loafers are flat shoes with no straps or laces. In the past, loafers were used mostly for casual occasions but now they are an ideal staple for the workplace. Loafers are made from different kinds of materials whether suede or leather. When wearing a suit with loafers, the most important factor is the length of the trouser leg. The break should be slight so that the silhouette appears clean and you can still see the detail of the shoe.

The first types of loafers were created at the beginning of the 20th century. However, the most popular types are the Tassel Loafers and Penny Loafers. The type of loafer that you choose would also be based on your style and preference as both the Tassel and Penny loafers work perfectly with most outfits.


Tassel Loafers – Tassels add a unique touch to your wardrobe. Tassel loafers are usually worn by lawyers. Tassel loafers also go well with blazers making them a perfect office staple. The most popular colors to have are black, brown and navy. Black and brown Tassel Loafers are classic colors that can be worn with most business outfits. However, navy is probably your best option as it looks good with almost anything.


Penny Loafers – This is the smarter type of loafer. It was introduced by G. H. Bass. Compared to Tassel Loafers, this type of shoe works well with most outfits.  A slim fit style blazer would go perfectly with penny loafers.


In a nutshell, Penny Loafers and Tassel Loafers are essential footwear for the office. Penny Loafers are the smarter types of loafers which would go perfectly with most outfits especially a slim fit style blazer. Tassel Loafers are mostly worn by lawyers. The navy blue color is the best option to choose from as it looks good with almost anything.