How to Dress up a Navy Blue Suit

How to Dress up a Navy Blue Suit


If you are purchasing your first suit, then a navy blue suit is the perfect color to choose. Navy blue is also seen as a classic color that will never get old. You can wear just about anything to complement your navy blue suit. However, we will discuss three essential clothing accessories such as a shirt, a tie and shoes; and how choosing the right ones will enhance your navy blue suit.

Dress Shirts

Having a different color shirt and also a different pattern will let your suit stand out. A navy blue suit works well with colors such as white, pastel blue, light pink and gray; just to name a few. Wearing a white shirt will set the tone that you mean business. A pastel blue shirt can enhance the color of the navy blue suit and gives it a cleaned and polished appeal.

A light pink shirt will also enhance the navy blue suit but will give a warmer contrast making the perfect color combination to wear to a wedding or for more casual occasions. A gray shirt will soften the navy blue suit but would still bring off a sophisticated look and would be perfect for formal outings.


Finding the perfect tie to enhance your navy blue suit is very important. Therefore you should stick to colors such as gray, gold, brown and red. A gray tie shouts modern, conservative yet serious. You can select different shades of gray such as charcoal gray or even a gray striped tie. A gold tie shouts confidence and chic. This tie will definitely enhance your navy blue suit. A brown tie portrays confidence and yet conservatively cool. You can opt for a brown striped tie or even a brown paisley tie. These will work wonders for your navy blue suit. A red tie is the most classic color of them all. It gives a bold and powerful appeal when worn with a navy blue suit.

Dress Shoes

Customarily, the first place that a person looks when meeting you is on your shoes. Therefore you have to choose the best colors to complement your navy blue suit. The 3 main colors that work perfectly with a navy blue suit are brown, brown and burgundy. These colors are not distracting and they blend well. However, they can be worn for various occasions. Black is worn for more formal occasions, Brown is more relaxed and versatile and Burgundy is for more creative and playful.


On that note, choosing the correct shirt, tie and shoes will definitely enhance your navy blue suit. The type of color you choose will depend on the occasion and the impression that you want to create. Pastel colored shirts are best for casual occasions; gold, red and brown ties evokes confidence and sophistication. Black, Brown and Burgundy shoes blend well together with a navy blue suit.