Big And Tall Dress Shirts: Get The Right Proportion

Big And Tall Dress Shirts: Get The Right Proportion

Big And Tall Dress Shirts That Fit Perfectly

At Hundred Dollar Suits you can opt for either classic fit or regular fit. Regular fit is more in for young men and classic fit is for all ages. Choose the fit that best suits you and will look the best on you. It is important to wear clothes that fit perfectly if you wish to look handsome and neat. Therefore take time in selecting clothes which fit and look perfect on you. Your clothes may say much about your personality.

Follow Your Body Shape With Big And Tall Dress Shirts

There is no use of selecting the most expensive shirt to look good, a less costly shirt can give you the best look. All you have to do is to select the shirt that follows your body in a slight and gentle way.

Wide Collar Shirts

You need to make use of spread collar dress shirts as these dress shirts give you extra room for bigger knots for your ties. Even if you have a wide face, spread collar shirts will look good upon you.

The Fabric Is Soft And Comfortable

Our Big And Tall Dress Shirts are made of durable cloth, that is soft and comfortable. The texture of the fabric is so delicately created that it does not impose any hindrance on your body movements.

Utmost Attention To The Shoulders When Selecting Big And Tall Dress Shirts


While selecting your Big And Tall Dress Shirts, your shoulders are of utmost importance. You do not want dress shirt’s shoulders to slide past beneath your body shoulders, or contrarily you do not want your dress shirt’s shoulders to stay upright than your original shoulders. So, it is important that there is a balance present between your dress shirt’s shoulders which is exactly in compliance to your shoulders. You can browse the Hundred Dollar Suits website, where you can get your desired size for your body, that will not only suit you, but also will make you look attractive.

Select Multiple Colors When Picking Big And Tall Dress Shirts

Now you do not have to search for multiple colors that suit you best. For your convenience, at Hundred Dollar Suits, you can select a variety of colors like lilac, light blue, silver, pink, violet, royal blue or black. Simply the choice is yours. Choose the perfect color that is appropriate for the function or place that you need to go to. For instance if you need to go to a fun party you can choose funky colors. If you need to go to an interview it will be better to select decent colors.

Price: As Low As You Can Expect

This is one of the specialties at Hundred Dollar Suits. This is that you can get your desired dress shirt as low as $25.00, which may be hard to believe. Simply browse through the Hundred Dollar Suits website and pick the ones that you like.