Dress To Get a Taller Look!

Look Taller!

Well if you’re short heighten, you must’ve went through being made fun of, bullying and you need self confidence to boom your personality. Studies have shown how a person’s mind develops depth / height perceptions, hence proving that there are ways which you can use to look taller amongst your friends and feel confident in group photos.

Dress To Get a Taller Look!


  • Do These Methods Drive You Out of Fashion?

Hell no! Well after a few lessons or techniques you’ll get to understand that fashion actually doesn’t matter. Bieber who is 5’9 looks in fashion, all black, no belt, pointy shoes and short hair. Let’s discover his secret to look taller.

  • How to Decide What to Wear to Look Taller?

The key is simple, first of all whenever you go shopping, wear your perfect fit. Wear clothes which fit you perfectly. Loose clothes give away too many wrinkles making height and size prominent. Get your clothes tailored and wear similar colors to decrease body divisions. Wear properly ironed clothes.

Keep your cuffs folded, more skin you show on the view, the taller the perception of your body becomes. Your pants should never have breaks, the least number of breaks, longer your legs seem.

Always stand and walk with your chest forward and back straight. It gives you an inch or half to walk with. How tall you look depends upon their eye level, so try a few accessories like sunglasses, hats, caps and tie pins etc. Helps people look up to you.

Wear heels; always buy shoes which have heels of inch or half inch. Shoes are necessary for better clothing. Wear pointed shoes and wear shoes which show more of your feet. Always buy shoes which match your outfit as color combinations are very important to look taller.

The more divisions you have on your outfit the more short you look so stop wearing belts. Belts create a horizontal line which divide and helps other person perceive that you’re tall. Keep your waist button always open; buy clothes which have the waist button comparatively higher in position.

Keep your hair short and always well maintained. Hair add size to you face which helps a person compare your face to your body resulting in reading height. Always keep your hair short and your neck as visible as possible. Talking about your neck, try wearing polo necks. Polo necks look sexy and make your neck look tall!