5 grooming mistakes that make men less attractive

5 grooming mistakes that make men less attractive

Man talk a lot about grooming, for example, ear hair or chest hair, and a lot of them don’t know how to deal with that things.

These are 5 grooming mistakes that make you look less attractive, and how to fix them:

Mistakes tip 1: Overplucking eyebrows

You shouldn’t do this because it will make you look feminine, and you probably want to look more masculine and manly. Taking care of the unibrow is okay, but overplucking eyebrows will make your face look different than it should look. That is because man’s eyebrows should look as natural as possible.

Mistakes tip 2: Cutting of sideburns on your face

Sideburns are things that frame your face, and you don’t need too long sideburns, but they shouldn’t be too short either.

Mistakes tip 3: Cracked lips

It’s uncomfortable and it hurts to have cracked and dry lips, but it’s also very easy to prevent that, but the deal is it’s about prevention. The best thing to use is vaseline gelly after you brush your teeth in the morning and put a moisturizing cream on the face, put a little bit of vaseline and your lips won’t be dry anymore. The good thing about vaseline is that you can’t see it on the lips and it doesn’t have a taste or smell, but if you don’t mind a smell you can also use olive oil or coconut oil for cracked lips.

Mistakes tip 4: Going outside without sunscreen

You have to protect yourself, not only to save your life, but it’s also going to prevent having dark irregularities, sun spots, plus the sun ages you a lot. Daily moisturizer with SPF 20 should be the minimum you should do.

Mistake tip 5: Having facial hair without defined boundaries

The fact is that your facial hair looks better when you have defined boundaries because it makes your facial hair look cleaner, and you, more attractive, and you should, of course, be careful when you are making those boundaries for facial hair, so you don’t cut yourself.