The Ultimate Tshirt Wearing Guide for Men

The Ultimate Tshirt Wearing Guide for Men

As one of the simplest garments out there, t-shirts come in all sorts of designs, styles, fits, and fabrics. Usually, they are categorized by the type of the neck; crew neck and V-neck. This article will show you the ultimate tshirt wearing guide for men.

The Ultimate Tshirt Wearing Guide For Men: Neutral Colored

Neutral color t-shirts can be worn with pretty much anything, with a few exceptions of course. If you are wearing a white tshirt, it will go along with whatever you are pairing it with, except for mustard color. A navy tee gives a sharp look, without the bold feel that the black tee give. Grey t-shirts come in a variety of shades. Both dark and lighter shades of grey have their own color companions that they look great with. Black is probably the most worn of all neutral t-shirt colors. Although black is a perfectly neutral color, wearing it can be a challenge. If you have a lighter skin tone, you should avoid this color.

The Ultimate Tshirt Wearing Guide For Men: Colored T-Shirt

One thing to remember is that there is a difference between wearing a color and nailing that look. This is why it is important to choose colors in accordance to your skin tone. Men are generally classified into three skin tone categories. knowing what color is the most suitable for your skin tone can make the difference between just wearing that color and rocking it. here is what you need to know about matching colors with your skin tone.

For the gents with pale skin, blonde or red hair, freckles, and generally a lighter skin tone should go for brown, grey, dark green, navy, and bold shades of blue. The colors to avoid or bright colors, white and pastels. Remember, the key here is contrast.

Medium is used to refer to the gents with olive toned skin who generally have darker hair. This skin tone is also called the warm complexion. As for the colors, mediums can wear a lot of colors including dusty red, pink, purple, azure, etc. The colors to avoid are taupe or tan.

Gents with dark skin, hair and eyes fall under this category. There is a very little limitation to what you cannot wear. Brighter colors, muted tones, neutrals, pastels, etc. The only no-go areas are the darker shades of black and brown.