How to Take Care of Dress Shoes

“Good shoes take you good places” (Seo Min Hyan).

How to Take Care of Dress Shoes

Sometimes, you come across a fine pair of lovely dress shoes, and you buy them thinking that these will be your next darling. However, you feel betrayed when these shoes begin to wither away after some time, and you have to find a new pair of dress shoes. The reason behind that betrayal was that you didn’t know how to take care of dress shoes. Fine dress shoes add great details in your style but you need to take care of them, especially if you use them on daily basis. They are ready to stay much longer with you if you are ready to look after them. So, here are some tips for you on how to take care of dress shoes.

Take care of dress shoes by conditioning them regularly

For getting an excellent look for a long time, you need to polish your shoes on the regular basis. A few polishing moments can make your shoes look totally brand new. For leather shoes, you can use shoe conditioning kit. It provides a little moisture to leather which keeps it fresh. Conditioning your shoes on the regular basis will extend the lifespan of you dress shoes.

Take care of dress shoes by keeping them dry

Water is dangerous for shoes. It can shake them badly if you don’t keep them safe. For this purpose you should consider waterproofing your shoes regularly. If it rains rarely, get them waterproofed on the monthly basis. However, if it rains every other day, you need to get them treated once a week.

Keeping the shoes well maintained

Like every other product, shoes also need maintenance. Use horsehair brush to remove the dirt from them, and use a shoe horn when you are wearing them. To make sure their shape is not affected, use cedar shoe trees. They will absorb moisture and will keep your shoes well in shape. Also, when you are taking your shoes away with you while travelling, use shoe bags. They will keep them safe.

Dress shoes are elegant and don’t come at a cheap price. So, maintain them well and they will stay with you for a long time. Now you know all what it takes to take care of dress shoes.

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