Find the best blazer to match your body type

Learn how to select a blazer based on your body type

They say that a blazer is a perfect staple for your wardrobe. It is a clothing accessory that can transform a casual look to a sophisticated one. You will notice that there are different styles of blazers to choose from on the market. How would you be able to choose which one is the right one for you? In order to find the perfect blazer, you need to know your body type. There are different body types such as The Average build, the Inverted Triangle, The Rectangle, The Triangle and the Extremely Tall.
Let’s discuss how your body type will affect the blazer that you select for yourself.

The Average build

The height is usually reasonable for the specific age group. The shoulders tend to be broader than the midsection, the legs are lean, yet with a definition. This doesn’t apply to everyone as body types vary in all aspects. There ’s a seamless balance between your upper body and your waist.  It is recommended that opting to wear something slightly oversized (like a navy or black Oversized blazer) or something slightly skinny (like a colored Skinny Fit Blazer) aren't going to mess up your visual proportions. Therefore if you consider yourself Average then consider getting either an Oversized or Skinny Blazer.

The Inverted Triangle

This body type has moderate to heavy muscle definition with broad shoulders,  a narrow, defined waist, and muscular arms and legs. In terms of choosing a blazer, you can opt for a dark colored structured blazer as this can support the added visual weight of the shoulders and chest while emphasizing a narrow waist.

The Rectangle

Like a rectangle this body type is straight up and down. The waist and the shoulders are the same widths apart. This distinction makes this shape deviate slightly from an average, or athletic build, where the hips and waist are narrower than the shoulders and chest. You should look for “slim fit” items, especially when it comes to blazers. While other guys may pass on structured blazers, look for something that fills out your shoulders and chest.

The Triangle

Like any of the other silhouettes, you're looking for visual balance. While your shoulders are narrow compared to your midsection, focus on adding structure up top. Avoid the bulk that a double-breasted suit brings to the table. Cop a single-breasted, two button blazer. Not only is it the most streamlined suit for your money, but it's universal appeal and simple style.

The Extremely Tall

On the other end of the spectrum, if you're taller than the average guy (somewhere above 5'11” to 6'3”), you're looking for length to match your own. Blazers should never be anything but tailored—you don't want to look like you're swimming in your clothes. The overall length of a jacket should also hit somewhere between the top of your wrist and the middle of your palm.

In a nutshell, know your body type before choosing the perfect blazer to suit you. Your body type can be either Average, Triangular, Rectangular, Extremely Tall or an Inverted Triangle. If you don’t fall into this category then you can always consult your tailor who will customize the blazer to suit your physique.