Common Celebrity Suits that Trend in all Seasons

Common Celebrity Suits that Trend in all Seasons

What suits you?

Is it that gray color suit  that Matt Damon  likes? Is it the royal blue one? Or is it the brown color that has an element of surprise?
Whichever choice you make, ensure it is trendy and of the right color. Male celebrities have gotten it right when it comes to these suits.

Gray Color Suits

Gray suits can work with anything for any occasion. From social occasions to formal business deals. No wonder Matt Damon cannot tread them for anything else in the world. In his movie ‘Jason Bourne’’ he shows how to wear a gray suit for serious business.

Gray suits are suitable for weddings, businesses, Proms, funerals, you name it. You can wear it anytime as you wish. The love for gray color is unending among celebrities.

Gray suits can be worn with:

  • a white shirt,
  • a black shirt,
  • a patterned tie,
  • brown or black shoes,
  • the belt should be marched with the shoes.
  • You can add a winter scarf made from wool or cashmere.

Black Suits

Jason Statham has it all figured out when it comes to wearing the Black suits.

The black suits make him look confident and focused in his movies. Not only is black easy to wear and match it with anything. It is sophisticated and classy.
Black suits can be used for:

a)    Formality
•    When it is time for you to grab that business deal, that is when those black suits come in.
•    Pair it a with placket white dress shirt, a black bow tie and black shoes.
•    You can also combine it with the black cotton dress shirt for a change, wear patent leather shoes and a knitted silk tie and you will be good to go for.

b)    Parties
•    Use your black suit with patterned shirts with neutral print Colors in them such as white grey. You can also include polo’s and roll necks.

Blue Suits

A blue suit is a must-have for your wardrobe. From royal blue to light blue, it is a color that makes people turn their heads your way. If you are planning to wed or party this season, blue suits are the best choice to make.
Set a trend this season by wearing blue suits that have these combinations:

•    Classic white shirt goes well with a royal blue suit
•    A navy blue suit with a pink shirt will look great on you

•    A red and white striped tie blends well with a blue suit for men
•    A black tie with a navy blue suit with a white shirt will look amazing.

Final Thought
Choose your color suit and brand yourself. The more you wear your suit, the more it will mould your body with time.
What do you say? What color of your suit makes you trend?