Classy Men’s Suit Accessories to Wear This Spring 2018


Classy Men’s Suit Accessories to Wear This Spring 2018

Let’s talk about accessories.

Suits look boring when they lack accessories. You will look elegant, classy and trendy when you accompany your suits with accessories.

Accessories increase your confidence in the suits. According to a study on you are what you dress, the way you dress increases or decreases your self-esteem and the perceived professionalism. Wearing a suit alone is incomplete.

Using accessories, the right way increases self-confidence and makes you classy.
Here is a list of accessories that can make your suits look classy this season.

1.    Neckties Are the common Accessories


Even though neckties are common, they are trendy in all seasons. A carefully selected necktie accentuates your looks. You need to consider the color, pattern and size when buying your necktie.

•    A black suit with a blue shirt will match well with a black tie
•    A gray suit with a white shirt will match with a purple tie, a blue tie, a red tie or a black tie.

Ensure your tie matches well with the suit you want to wear.

2.    The Man’s Accessory Bag

As the fashion industry grows, the men are beginning to embrace the idea of carrying bags. Long are the days when you guys used to carry heavy keys in your shirt pockets and Motorola phones in your side pockets.
The current life that is heavy laden with objects like digital cameras, mobile phones, car keys and house keys, demands that you buy yourself a bag.
A simple but classy bag will make you look neat in your suits, instead of burdening your suit pockets with keys and phones.

3.    Pocket Squares

Adding a beautiful color pattern in your pocket square will enhance your ensemble. Pocket squares are accessories that are easy to make. You can use a handkerchief that matches your tie or complements your outfit. Fold the square properly for a good effect.

4.    Cufflinks

Among the many accessories you have, only the cufflinks add personality to your suit.
Cufflinks come in different Colors and designs. Some come in standard brushed silver while others in novelty.
Choose the one you like for your French cuffed shirt.

5.    Tie Bars

Tie bars are trendy accessories. They clasp the tie to your shirt to make you neat and confident. You do not have to worry about the wind blowing your tie to your face during an Oscar award, tie bars will cover your shame.
The bar should have a smaller width than the tie for you to look elegant.

6.    A Wrist Watch

With a few accessories allowed on a man, a wristwatch is a must have for every man. A good wristwatch will raise eyebrows when you wave at your fans. It shows you are time conscious and people will respect for that.

Key takeaways.

Accessories to accompany with suits are:

  • Neckties
  • Accessory bag
  • Pocket squares
  • A wristwatch
  • A belt or suspenders
  • Tie bars and finally cufflink

Your turn, do you wear suits? What are your accessories?