Mens Suits and Blazers

Mens Suits and Blazers

About Mens Suits and Blazers

Mens suits and blazers have always been a confusing topic for most men. We’ll be helping you out in figuring the little things out. The suit jacket is lighter than the blazer and is very much more formal. Blazers are heavier because these are usually used as an outerwear add on and are less formal. Suit jackets are specifically made to be worn with mens suits as a whole whereas blazers can me worn casually with jeans or chinos. Another characteristic of the suit jacket which differentiates it apart from a blazer is that the suit jacket is made of the same material as the trousers of the suit.

Mens Suits and Blazers Difference

With the differences set aside, let’s talk about if you can actually wear mens suits with blazers. This means replacing the suit jacket with a blazer and still wear the outfit as a suit. This a definite no. You’ll end up looking completely mismatched and messy. Not a good look for any proper gentlemen. Best to wear a suit properly with the matching jacket and trousers to avoid looking improper for the occasion. For casual and laid back days, opt for a blazer and dark jeans or chinos to appear charismatic. Remember, keep it classy by wearing mens suits and blazers separately.

Styling Mens Suits and Blazers

Alright so how exactly does one wear mens suits and blazers separately? Good news. We’ve got an easy to follow guide to help you achieve the best outfit you can come up with. Feel free to mix and match things around according to your preference.

  • Complementary Colors - Use dark blazers with dark jeans and light blazers with light jeans or chinos. Experiment with textured blazers and solid pants or patterned blazers with a dark solid jean. Try the bold and stylish blazers online at Hundred Dollar Suits.
  • Easy Combination - Think white t-shirt, black tapered trousers and a dark blazer. This is easily the classiest combination for wearing blazers. Another combination to try is a beige blazer, dark dress shirt and white chinos.
  • Patterned Blazers - For blazers with novelty patterns or bright colors, keep the rest of your outfit minimal and clean. To appear sharp throughout the day, accessorize less with an elegant watch, leather belt and a pair of tortoiseshell sunglasses on a sunny day.

Overall there’s definitely a place for blazers in every men’s wardrobe. The blazer is a must have add on item for casual days or dates out. Give yourself a variety in your daily ensemble with a fitted blazer today.

Shop Mens Suits and Blazers

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