Mens Suits With Vest

Mens Suits With Vest


Any three piece suit is any men's first vest wearing experience. The mens suits with vest style works in any formal occasion and sometimes in a formal business setting such as an important client presentation or meeting. Dressing down mens suits with vest is as simple as taking away the suit from the equation. This is how you’ll be able to wear vests casually. Still confused? Don’t worry, we’ve got the tips you need to pull off this look effortlessly. Keep on reading to find out more.

Casual Mens Suits With Vest

Casually wearing a vest without the mens suit is a great idea for Spring or Autumn time. Any mens suits with vest combination gets a little too hot for Summer so you can keep them for the colder weather in Winter as a complete outfit. From Spring day to Autumn chill casual, pairing the vest with the intention to still appear polished without having to dress up in a full three piece suit is a dapper way to show up for any social event or weekend at the office. Get on this mens suits with vest turns casual sleek trending style now.

Styling Mens Suits With Vest Casually

The basic do’s and don'ts of pairing mens suits with vest are similar to when you’re looking to dress the vest alone casually. Keep the look solid and cool by following the guide we have below. Try not to overdress because the objective of the whole look is to look casual while looking on point.

Men’s Guide to Wearing Vests Casually

  • Make sure the shirt or dress shirt fits perfectly. This is essential to avoid having extra fabric from folding or creasing.
  • Choose a neutral vest such as the Marquis Charcoal Vest for starters. Get a size that fits snug with a length that falls just right on your belt.
  • Leave the last button of the vest unbuttoned. The same rule that applies when you’re wearing mens suits with vest ensemble.
  • For a casual yet polished look, pair the vest with a pair of dark jeans or chinos. Both types of pants are great for a gentlemen weekender look.

Wearing mens suits with vest is a dapper way of showing up for a business formal event but for casual down times, opt for an outfit without the suit and stick with the just the vest. Browse out three piece suits or single vest collection now.

Get Mens Suits With Vest Now

Jump out of the usual full suit and break down the pieces to casually wear mens suits with vest. Trends and fashion styles often change with the seasons so you’ll have more variety by dressing your outfits up and down depending on the occasion. At hundred Dollar Suits, we have the style guides and quality products to fulfil your menswear needs.