Mens Suits With Bow Ties

Mens Suits With Bow Ties

Modern Mens Suits With Bow Ties

Making a statement by wearing mens suits with bow ties is a stylish way of breaking out from the norm. Whether you’ll be wearing one to prom or on a special date night, there’s an appropriate way to dress as such. There definitely is no problem to wearing mens suits with bow ties. Bow ties are not just reserved for tuxedos especially in the recent years. From weekend suits to street style, these are just ways of incorporating bow ties into a laidback and day to day friendly attire.

Wearing Mens Suits With Bow Ties

Best times to wear mens suits with bow ties are for weekends at the office, attending weddings, brunch and dates with a casual setting. Men’s fashion can be open ended and there’s always just a few basic tips to keep in mind if you’re thinking of exploring different styles. A bow tie itself is a statement piece so you’ll want to keep the rest of the outfit sleek and clean. Bow ties come in different colors, patterns and textures. Solid color bow ties with mens suits tend to look more corporate to wear these to work. For patterns and textures, feel free to wear with suits on special occasions.

Mens Suits With Bow Ties Style

At Hundred Dollar Suits, we offer basic styling guides with quick tips to help you out when you’re feeling lost about men’s fashion. Get a jump start at wearing mens suits with bow ties with this comprehensive guide below.

Types of Suits with Bow Ties

  • One Button Suit - Not recommended for wearing with bow ties. Too much empty space created by the jacket.
  • Two Button Suit - Suitable with bow ties. Fill out space by pairing with a sweater or vest.
  • Three Button Suit - Works well with bow ties but better catered for tall men.
  • Three Piece Suit - Best with bow ties due to the fuller appearance as a whole.
  • Double Breasted Suit - Best with bow ties but keep accessorizing and pairings to the minimum. A neutral gray bow tie for example is a good choice.

Find inspiration and style yourself in mens suits with bow ties today. Don’t forget to browse our collection bow ties right here at Hundred Dollar Suit.

Shopping Mens Suits With Bow Ties

We offer a variety of men’s accessories and for those looking to wear mens suits with bow ties, here’s where you can purchase quality self-tie bow ties. Don’t resort to wearing clip on bow ties. You’ve got to keep it classy for that timeless gentlemen’s style. Shop our range online now and start adding in a new outfit to your daily routine.