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  • 3 Styles of Dress Shoes for the Office

    A dress shoe is a shoe to be worn at casual or more formal events. Dress shoes are an essential part of a man’s wardrobe. You can never have enough dress shoes. There are three styles of dress shoes that a man should have. Most classic men’s shoe types were designed in various European fashion capitals during the 19th century. The shoe types created then have stood the test of time, although, in keeping with trends, they’ve undertaken slight modifications over the years. Three style of shoes to have are an Oxford, a Derby and a Brogue. We will discuss them in detail and learn about some outfit ideas. Continue reading

  • How to Wear Business Casual in 2018

    How to Wear Business Casual in 2018

    Gone are the days where offices used to have strict dress codes. The days of suit and tie being essentials of what men wore to corporate jobs are now slowly transforming into business casual. Following the arrival of casual Friday, nowadays even banks and law firms have allowed their employees to dress in business casual. This sounds great, unless, you are among the demographic who have no idea what kind of clothing is falls under business casual. Continue reading

  • 4 Essential Bags for Men

    4 Essential Bags for Men


    A bag is a flexible container used for carrying things. Customarily some men have chosen not to carry bags because it is viewed as feminine. However, no matter your age, you will need to purchase a bag to carry around items whether it is personal or work related. We will discuss 4 essential bags for men. These are the Duffel Bag, the Briefcase, the Laptop Bag and the Messenger Bag.

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  • Learn how to wear loafers to the office

    Essential loafers for the workplace


    Loafers are flat shoes with no straps or laces. In the past, loafers were used mostly for casual occasions but now they are an ideal staple for the workplace. Loafers are made from different kinds of materials whether suede or leather. When wearing a suit with loafers, the most important factor is the length of the trouser leg. The break should be slight so that the silhouette appears clean and you can still see the detail of the shoe.

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  • 3 Types of Shoes to wear with Bermuda Shorts


    Bermuda shorts or dress shorts are a particular type of short pants worn as semi-casual attire by both men and women. They are considered more appropriate in hot subtropical and tropical climates. They are available in a variety of colors, including pastel shades and darker shades. Bermuda shorts are perfect to have while on vacation at a tropical paradise and can be worn with different types of shoes. The 3 recommended types of shoes to wear with Bermuda shorts are Boat Shoes, Loafers and Espadrilles.

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  • The Versatility of White Linen Pants


    Linen is a kind of cloth made from a plant called flax. Linen is also used to make clothes, sheets, and tablecloths. Linen pants are a great staple item for a man’s closet. They are perfect for spring and summer months and are very versatile and comfortable.

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  • How to Dress up a Navy Blue Suit


    If you are purchasing your first suit, then a navy blue suit is the perfect color to choose. Navy blue is also seen as a classic color that will never get old. You can wear just about anything to complement your navy blue suit. However, we will discuss three essential clothing accessories such as a shirt, a tie and shoes; and how choosing the right ones will enhance your navy blue suit. Continue reading

  • Big And Tall Dress Shirts: Get The Right Proportion

    Big And Tall Dress Shirts That Fit Perfectly

    At Hundred Dollar Suits you can opt for either classic fit or regular fit. Regular fit is more in for young men and classic fit is for all ages. Choose the fit that best suits you and will look the best on you. It is important to wear clothes that fit perfectly if you wish to look handsome and neat. Therefore take time in selecting clothes which fit and look perfect on you. Your clothes may say much about your personality.

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  • Thank you to all firefighters, EMTs, doctors, public defenders and police for your service. You are our heroes who run towards danger and help others while everyone else turns away.

    We would like to make sure you are looking your best and we are giving away one $100 dollar suit per month.

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    Every month, a new winner will be randomly selected from all emails registered in our email list for the free suit giveaway.


    Monthly Giveaway

    Monthly winner will be notified by email (or phone). We will coordinate with you to pick you favorite suit with the value of $100 at It is the winner’s responsibility to reply to the correspondence. The winner has 10 business days from the notification email to respond to us and pick a style and size and where to ship the giveaway prize. Failure to reply within 10 business days can results in losing the giveaway prize.
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    No purchase necessary to register for giveaway.
    Open to Continental US Residents (excludes Hawaii and any minor territories) and Canadian Residents (duty tariffs may apply and will be the winner's sole responsibility) only (due to international shipping costs and laws).

  • 4 Shaving Apps: When you need a shave, but still want to be high-tech

    4 shaving apps that will go with that suit you just bought. These 4 shaving apps are for when you need a shave, but still want to be High-Tech about your grooming. Being a man involves a lot, but one of the most important things about being a man is grooming. When I think of men’s grooming I think of ye ole barber shop’s with single razors and candy cane poles. However, this is the 21st century and we don’t have to live like that anymore and these apps will help us break into the new century. Continue reading

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