Italy - the house and men of fashion

Italy - the house and men of fashion
Italian men are one of the best dressed men.

Many people would agree with me when I say that all the hype about Italian men’s fashion is hundred percent true. Their fashion scene with all the edgy dressing and attractive suits just prove that why Italy is the house of fashion.

Now that we have settled that Italian men are the best dressed and their fashion is just really attractive and different let’s discuss about the sensational style icon, Stefano Pilati. YSL, Zenga, Armani, Prada, all these internationally famous brands have one name in common and that is Stefano Pilati.

The famous designer Stefano Pilati was born in the year 1965, in Milan, Italy. Initially Stefano was pursuing his studies in Environmental Design but when he saw his hometown evolving into a fashion house he got interested in fashion world and left his Environmental Design course for good. Few years later in the business he stood out so well that Armani hired him as an assistant designer and two or three years later he was asked by Prada to run their fabric research and development he then got promoted to assistant designer at Miu Miu and after that his success reached to another level as he pursued so much in the fashion world that his name has become an icon of style and fashion.

Pilati’s sense of style is very unique that it cannot be described in few words but his style is that when you see it you would get the Italian men vibe. He prefers suit and he makes all the cuts and shapes of his suit.

Pilati’s way of dressing suits his frame really well. They fit him so perfectly that it looks like they were made for him only. If you see his snapped photos at different fashion events you would agree to what I am saying too.  

By looking at all these photos of Pilati you might notice few patterns that he often follows in his styling or that he would recommend. Those are:

  • Oversized coats can be associated well with Pilati’s style. An oversized coat with its seam going off the shoulder and the fit so loose that there’s an easy room for shirts, sweaters or scarves sounds just like Stefano Pilati.
  • If we are talking about Pilati and his sense of fashion then the shirt or t-shirt are often plain in design and colors not too much going on in there.
  • His trousers are usually baggy and they are basically the center of his styling. It goes well with his height and physique too; the fabric gathering around the base looks just right on him.

Stefano Pilati’s fashion can also be described as classic but with a twist in everything. His fashion is not just about breaking some rules but he really moulds his outfit according to his shape and fit.