What Are Slim Fit Blazers?

What Are Slim Fit Blazers?


Three Important Features Of Slim Fit Blazers

There are three major areas that you may consider when selecting the best Slim Fit Blazers. These include kind of fabric, nice cuts and the buttons. Fabric for cooler weather may include wool, and for the warmer months there is linen, silk or serge. Fine cut is almost the compulsion of a slim fit blazer. Similarly, the buttons may start from gold, metallic, silver and may lead to neutral.

Match Your Slim Fit Blazers With Your Pants

Traditionally speaking, it was required that your blazer should match your trousers’ color. But nowadays people may want to select different styles and colors for their blazers in contrast to their pants.

Choose Either Single Or Double Pocket Blazers

Well, there is really no discussion concerning single or double pocket blazers, as it is totally up to the wearer to select what they want. On the Hundred Dollar Suits website you can find both types of blazers.

Variety In Colors

Slim Fit Blazers provide you the opportunity to select any color of your choice without being too formal. Mostly the colors in fashion are pure white, navy blue and dark black. If you want more color schemes like peppermint, canary yellow, mint green, ocean navy or royal blue, just visit the Hundred Dollar Suits website and get these as low as $100.00.

The Size

At Hundred Dollar Suits you can get various sizes that range from 36 to 52, so choose your required size.

A Choice For Not Being Too Formal

If you are fed up of looking too formal and want to change your style a little bit, Slim Fit Blazers are the perfect replacement to consider. Or if you need to wear something that is not too formal, but not too casual as well then consider a blazer.

Special For Different Occasions

Slim Fit Blazers may be worn to different occasions and events. A bright color blazer may be enough to impress someone at a wedding or a party. You may want to wear this blazer to a wedding or to some fun party. You may match it according to the event.

Slim Fit Blazers At Affordable Prices

Take a look at the Slim Fit Blazers present at Hundred Dollar Suits and pick the one of your choice. You can scan through the website to take a look at the different items that are present.