Style It Up - Basic White T-Shirts

Style It Up - Basic White T-Shirts
There is always this one basic white t-shirt in your closet that you have for years. The thing is you probably would not have realised this but it is one of the most versatile piece of clothing that you own. With a basic white t-shirt you do not have to worry about the perfect pair of pants or shorts because it almost goes well with everything. But, we think this basic white t-shirt of yours can do so much better. For this reason we have curated few different ways of wearing basic white t-shirt that would look lavish even with the basic clothing articles.

The key is to mix it up with the right clothes, white t-shirts work really well in all the season with the right accessories.

For the first look it had to be this one people often underestimate the wearing all white probably because they think they can’t carry it well. But we assure you that going all-white is just as attractive as wearing all-black even better. Pair your white t-shirt with a good rough denim jacket and for the pants goes with a white ripped jeans and don’t forget to tuck in your t-shirt for a sharp look.

The next look is for summers. It is comparatively simpler than the previous look but that is the main thing about white t-shirts, you can either dress up or dress down and both look just right. Pair your white t-shirt with a pair of black shorts and to complete your look instead of wearing a sneaker, go with the black leather sandals.

This is yet another classy look you can carry with your white t-shirt. If you want to wear something a bit formal then you can pair your white t-shirt with a patterned blazer and a good pair of black pants.

You can also wear your white t-shirt underneath a button down shirt as for the pants you can either go with a jeans your chinos. And again to finish the look with an edge do not forget to tuck it in.

If you don’t feel like to carry any of the above styles you can just wear your white t-shirt with a good pair of jeans, tuck it in or don’t doesn’t matter it would both look really good that’s how flexible styling can be with a white t-shirt.