Lighter Side of the Jeans

Lighter Side of the Jeans

In 2018 there are no particular fashion rules everyone is wearing what they think suits their style sometimes it’s a hit and sometimes it’s a miss. Due to this new trend of not caring about and not following any particular set of fashion rules, many old fashion trends made a comeback over the past years and one of them is the light blue washed out jeans.

Wearing and styling out this set of jeans is comparatively not that easy. You would want to have the right set of other clothing articles to make this set of jeans look right for you. Here is the thing with light blue washed out jeans you can’t just wear it with anything and go out. There are certain rules (still) present that you might want to follow.

We knew how it could be difficult for you so we came up with few ideas that you might want to try with washed out jeans.


you would already be familiar with the famous denim on denim look but did you ever think of wearing a lighter washed out jeans in the same manner? This trend might look a bit risky to you but if you choose the right cuts and be careful enough to pick out different washes then you can really pull this look off. Don’t forget to accessorize the look with a black or brown belt.

Ripped jeans:

we all know how famous this trend has become but very rarely we see someone wearing a lighter washed out distressed jeans. A jean that is ripped from the knees is very in these days and paired with a white t-shirt or shirt looks very trendy. You can pair it up with a button down shirt or a t-shirt preferably of a lighter shade like white and light pink.


Folded hem jeans:

these are one of the classic look that looks really smart if you pair it up with the right set of shirt. The folded hem jeans look very nice and give the overall look an edge.

These are some of the ideas that would look very trendy and modern if you carry them nicely and if you are careful with the choices you make.