Wardrobe Essentials - Denims

Wardrobe Essentials - Denims

Denims are an essential article in your wardrobe so you might already have different pairs of denims but you cannot just pair them with anything. There are certain rules that you might want to follow especially if you tend to care about your outfits.

For this matter we have brought you a small guide to your go-to denims.

Dark Blue Denims

Dark denims are the number one necessity in a man’s closet and it’s the kind of denim that almost everyone have. If you want to take it up a notch with your styling then you should pick distressed denim or denim that is slightly washed as it gives a really cool look.

The best thing about having these denims in your closet is that they almost go with everything in your wardrobe. You can either style it to dress up or dress down. Darker denims are the real go-to jeans. You can just wear them with a t-shirt or go formal both styles give equally nice look.

Black Denims

Black denims can be just as versatile as the dark blue denims but you just have to look out that you get the best pair. People often choose the wrong pair and it end up looking like they are wearing a trouser so the next time you are buying a black denim don’t go for a cheap one.

For me black is a must have color in everything be it jeans, t-shirt-button down shirt or any other formals as black gives your dressing a sharp look.

Light Blue Denims

The last one on our list of must have denims is the light blue jeans. Not many people own a pair of light blue jeans as they are not that easy to pair up with also choosing the right pair is important part loose light blue denim would give your outfit a very awkward look and denim that is way too light in shade also doesn’t looks well. So when you are shopping for a light blue denim make sure you are getting the right fit and shade.