Lapel Pins: For those who want to leave their Mark!

Lapel Pins: For those who want to leave their Mark!

Lapel Pins are an amazing, old-school accessory that has proven to be brilliantly fresh in the modern era fashion. Lapel Pins are undeniably stylish. They add details and elegance in your style. Lapel Pins come in several styles and patterns, suitable for different occasions. In recent years, Lapel Pins have grown popular due to the revival of vintage and classical styles in the modern fashion. Lapel Pin is a wonderful accessory and a must have if you want to leave your mark in the style game.

What are Lapel Pins?

Lapel Pins are worn on the lapel of a jacket. It is a small pin that is attached with a screw-and-nut, butterfly clutch, magnetic clasp or a long point.

What are Different Types of Lapel Pins

There are various types of Lapel Pins. You can select these according to your taste and preferences. The Most famous Lapel Pins include:

  • Floral Lapel Pins: This type of Lapel Pin consists of an artificial flower, usually made from fine silk or cotton. This Lapel pin is available in multiple colors. The elegance of a suit gets doubled when a complementing Floral Lapel Pin is attached to it.
  • Boutonniere or Flower Lapin Pin: Unlike Floral Lapel Pin, this one is made from a fresh, living flower. This was more common in the classic era. Now, artificial flowers are preferred.
  • Badge: Badges are best known for showing political affiliations and club associations. However, they are also used for spreading general awareness and conveying social messages.
  • Long Stem Lapel Pins: This type Lapel Pins is designed as to be more noticeable. These Pins can be found in various interesting shapes. Long Stem Lapel Pins are usually made from solid metals like gold, silver and bronze.

When you should wear a Lapel Pin?

Now that you broadly know about Lapel Pins, you must be wondering that when you should wear a Lapel Pin. Actually there is no exact answer. Lapel Pins are considered best for the wedding or fundraising ceremonies. However, these can also be used for everyday work. You just need to make sure that the design of the Lapel Pin is suitable for the occasion.

Lapel Pins are a wonderful accessory to upgrade your style with grace. These add details in your style and give you an elegant look. If you don’t already have them, it’s time to buy them. Use Lapel Pins and leave your mark on the world.