How to Take Care of Your Suit

How to Take Care of Your Suit

Are you the one whose suit gets worn out before anybody else’s does? If yes, then this article is especially for you; the others may read of course. You need to take care of your suit a little more than the other items in your closet because suits are special, and special things need extra care. So, save your suits from dying earlier and follow the tips listed below.

Take care of your suit by giving it a rest

Your suits need some rest. You can’t wear them like jeans on the daily basis. Wearing your suit daily will damage its fabric. However, if you need to wear a suit on the daily basis, consider investing in additional suits, or you can buy more trousers for your suit, as trousers wear out faster. By this, you will also get more versatility and style.

Prefer steam over press

Dry iron is not good for your suit. It can damage the suit by burning its natural fiber. Instead, you should use a steamer. If you don’t have one, then you should consider buying it, if you want to take care of your suit in the best possible way.

Keep pockets empty

Avoid using the pockets of your suit casually. Try to keep them empty. If you fill up the pockets, it will put strain on the suit, and your suit will get out of shape. Therefore, take only essential items with you and keep your pockets empty.

Avoid over cleaning

Be careful with your dry cleaning routine. If you are dry cleaning your suit on the weekly basis, you are reducing its lifespan. Instead, use clothing brush and soft towel to clean up your suit regularly.

Provide air to suit while storing

When you are looking to store your suit for the next season, make sure that you keep it in a breathable cupboard, so that it doesn’t get wrinkled. Also, it is better that you use cedar wood hangers for you suit, as cedar absorbs moisture and it is a natural repellent to moths.
So, now you don’t need to worry. You can use these tips to take care of your suit in a better way, so that it maintains its shine and color for a longer time. So, don’t let your beloved suits depart from you, and take care of them well.

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