What are Evening jackets?

What are Evening jackets

What is an evening jacket and how to wear it?

Undoubtedly evening jackets have come a long way, and no man wishes to be seen without one. Whether it be a wedding, formal or casual events, evening jackets have a way of always bringing out the best in you.

What is an evening jacket?

Designed for men, an evening jacket – aka tuxedo or dinner jacket – is a formal jacket occasionally worn with bow ties, and has satin or grosgrain lapel facings.

When to wear an evening jacket

Evening jackets are versatile, work as well for both black tie events and casual evening wear. It all depends on how playful you get with color combinations or which designs of bow ties you opt for.

Types of evening jackets

There are many designs of evening jackets, each which result in a flattering appearance:

  • Velvet evening jacket

Nothing is more flattering at a night out than a combination of unique texture with a classical velvet feel to it.

  • Cream evening jacket

Cream evening jackets are casual and match well with black colors of different garments.

  • White evening jacket

This kind of evening jacket is more formal, matches well with black clothing; such as bow tie and cummerbund with black trousers.

  • Blue evening jacket

For the risk takers, this is an excellent option. Blue evening jackets are always in style no matter the shade and are paired with a dashing tuxedo.

  • Black evening jacket

Equip yourself with a classy black evening jacket, paired with a black bow tie for the ultimate classic look.

  • Patterned evening jacket

The modern style of dressing incorporates dashing patterns with a touch of jacquard, brocade, check or print designs.

How to wear dinner/evening jackets

  • Worn with suitable tuxedo pants in black tie occasions.
  • Wear a plain front, pleated or bib front formal shirt.
  • Never forget a bow tie.
  • Add a cummerbund or waistcoat for a classical appearance.
  • Pair the ensemble with Oxford shoes.