How to travel with your suit

How to travel with your suit

When the time comes around that you need to travel, whether it's for a wedding, business reasons or just for leisure there is no reason you need to surrender your suit and leave it at home. Following these simple tips will keep your suit in perfect condition no matter where you're traveling too.

Choose the right suit

It's very important that you choose the right suit for traveling, you will need a fabric that is comfortable to wear but also stops wrinkles. The most popular choice of fabric is wool or any fabric with a wool mixture. These natural fibers help keep the suits posture and help stay wrinkle free but if you’re looking for a less natural fabric then try a nylon suit. Nylon is very comfortable, lightweight and stretchy so can make traveling more relaxed.
Once you have decided on the right fabric, you need to consider the color you would like your suit to be. Lighter colored suits will help keep you cool during your travels while being more appropriate for daytime use then darker colors. If you want to look formal then stick with colors such as blue, black and grey but try a lighter shade.
Most suits tend to sport a tight, tailored fit but if your traveling you will want to be comfortable in what you are wearing. Try a slightly looser style suit, this should help you stay cool during the day. When choosing a jacket, go for something that is soft in the shoulder, this will help you stay comfortable during your travels and instead if button up trousers, why not pick something with an elasticated waistband. This will take your comfort level through the roof!

Fold your suit correctly during travels

If you don’t’ want to wear your suit to travel in but you would like it at your destination, then you will need to fold it up and place it in your luggage. This isn’t something to worry about, there are many different ways you can neatly fold your suit without causing wrinkles. There are many different videos and tips online that you can follow to help you fold your suit correctly.

Keeping your suit in prime condition

If you are a frequent traveler no matter if it's for work or pleasure, then why not invest in a steamer. Some hotels provide a trouser press, but not all do. You can purchase a small, portable steamer perfect for traveling. Once you remove your suit from the luggage, use the steamer on it then hang it up neatly.
If you don’t want to purchase a steamer or you don’t see the point as your not a frequent flyer, but you panic about suit wrinkles, then why not try the shower method. Take a hot shower and turn off the bathroom exhaust fan, hang your clothes up in the bathroom and watch the wrinkles disappear. 
There are also sprays available that are very effective at removing wrinkles from fabrics. These are very useful but also remember to fold your suit correctly as that will dramatically decrease the number of wrinkles in your suit.