Fashion Don'ts for Men

Do you know there are certain fashion don'ts that can completely sabotage you style? Well, today we are going to discuss some of these for you. Each one of us wants to look good with our clothing style. So, we try different types of clothes with various combinations. Some of them look great while others don’t look that pleasant. However, we knowingly or unknowingly wear them anyway. Trying different combinations is good thing, but there are certain things that you should never do. These are big fashion don'ts for men.

Fashion Don'ts for Men

Fashion Don'ts: Improper pants length

The improper length of a pant ruins your style. Most men find it difficult to get a pant with the proper length due to height and other factors. So, go to a tailor and have your pants fixed. Make sure that you don’t have a lot of fabrics around your shoes.

Fashion Don'ts: Baggy clothes

Another big fashion don’t is to wear unfitting, baggy clothes. It is a big style mistake. Choose the size that fits you the best, and you feel comfortable in it. Also, get yourself a good tailor. If your clothes need alteration, take them to your tailor.

Fashion Don'ts: Too much colors

The next fashion don’t is wearing too much colors. Wearing a lot of different colors makes you look pretty immature and unstylish. Therefore, restrict yourself to the maximum of 3 colors, and use matching colors for your clothing items for an amazing look.

All Buttoned Up suit Jacket

A suit jacket is not designed to be all buttoned up. Always leave the upper button opened. That will give you proper look and feel of the suit jacket.

Sandals with Socks

There can’t be anything more unstylish than wearing sandals with socks. Socks are not meant to be worn with sandals. If it is cold and you can’t wear sandals without socks, then don’t wear them at all.

Wearing a lot of jewelry

If you like to put on a lot of rings, bracelets and necklaces, stop doing that. All the jewelry that a man needs is a nice watch. Also, stop wearing oversized watches, unless you are a big man and it really suits you well. However, wearing a little jewelry doesn’t look that bad, especially when it is smart and elegant.

So, Keep these fashion don'ts in mind, and stay away from the fashion sins. Click here to read more about men’s fashion.