3 Must-have items every gentleman should own

This is a list of items that you should have, and that will make you look classy and stylish, so let's start with a first must-have item:

3 Must-have items every gentleman should own

Must-have items, number 1: Good quality well fitting suit

You can buy a suit that is tailored for you or made to measure, but it is good to buy a vintage suit that is made from a heavier material because that way you will get a good piece of a clothing for a lower price. It doesn’t always have to be a navy suit or a business suit, brown ones look good too, it all depends on what you use your suit for. If you need it for the office, for work, choose a business suit, but if that is not a case, go for a more casual suit.

Must-have items, number 2: Quality trench coat

A trench coat can be worn with suits, but it also can be worn with tuxedos. It’s always a classic and elegant piece of clothing. A good thing about the trench coat is that it has sleeve straps that allow you to make your sleeves tighter and that way to keep you from the wind and to keep you warm. Also, a good thing is that a trench coat has a deep yoke back, because of the rain, and that way it will keep the water away from you, and keep you dry.

Must-have items, number 3: Good quality black cap toe oxford shoes

If you buy black ones, you will be able to wear them on any occasion, for business meetings or whenever you need a serious looking shoes. You want a cap toe oxford shoes because they are simple, but not too plain, and they are the first shoes that every gentleman should invest in. With these shoes, you should wear matching black socks, but it is the best to choose ones without any pattern if you are going to a serious event.