3 tall men clothing style tips

3 tall men clothing style tips
If you are tall you face some very unique style challenges. There are a lot of clothes that can make you look more proportional but you have to choose wisely. Shoes can be a big problem because you probably need a big size unless you go for the custom shoes which is very expensive, also dress shirts can be a problem because they are usually too short, and they become untucked. The goal for tall men is to look proportional, because that way they look more like a man that has an average height, so because of that your ties have to be longer, your lapels have to be wider, and patterns need to be bigger. Here are some tips that you should follow, if you are a tall man and if you need some help with choosing your clothes and outfits, and wearing them:

Tall men clothing tips, number 1: Add layers

Adding layers gives you a special dimension and depth to your outfit. Wear varying textures of the materials, because they break things down and it makes you look better. Also, choose suits that have a higher buttoning point, that way you don’t expose too much and that way you can look like a man that has an average height.

Tall men clothing tips, number 2: Embrace the odd combination

You can wear a sports coat and a pair of pants that are not matching, but a suit is matching. You can buy a navy suit and a gray suit and combine each piece with each other. Visually, wearing a different color on the upper and lower parts of your body will make you look proportional and it will not emphasize your height.

Tall men clothing tips, number 3: Invest in long ties

Most men buy ties in one regular size, but if you are taller you will need a tie that is longer than an average one, and that covers the upper part of your body and that ends right at the waistband of your pants.