5 Beard Mistakes to Avoid for Growing a Soft and Straight Long Beard

5 Beard Mistakes to Avoid for Growing a Soft and Straight Long Beard

So gentleman, what brought you on this article?

Let me guess!

You decided to grow a beard. First 2 weeks were awesome. But then you probably started feeling itchy.
And the beard which you had thought will grow straight started growing curly.

Now, you’re irritated, and wondering:

Where I went wrong?

So, you searched for queries like common beard mistakes or how to grow a soft and straight beard, went through some websites, and landed here as a result.

However, now you don’t need to search any further. I have brought you a list of:

Beard mistakes that guys make while growing a long beard

So, have a look:

1. Not washing the beard regularly

One thing I have learned after growing a long beard is that it takes more efforts and budget to maintain a beard than being clean shaven. Don’t wash it for a day and it will grow dry, hard, and messy.

So, it’s important for you to wash your beard regularly and keep it clean.

2. Rinsing the beard with regular oil

Compared to the hairs on your head, beard hairs are harder. So, in order to grow, your beard requires a special kind of beard oil. You can’t expect the same kind of growth and thickness in your beard with a regular oil. There are chances of getting your beard messy as well.

3. Not trimming properly

A few weeks back, I decided to give a touch up to my beard. So, I took out trimmer and started.
By the time I finished and started going towards the bathroom – I noticed that my roomies were laughing at me.

So, I went in front of light.

To my surprise I saw that I had carelessly taken out a large chunk of my beard and it was looking funny.
Now, I had no other option than to visit my barber and shave it off. After all, I couldn’t go to office like this.
So, unless you want to be me, never trim your beard yourself unless you specialize in doing so.

In case you have no other option, go slow on yourself. This will save you from a lot of embarrassment.

4. Shaving too high of neckline

No matter there are many people following this trend, I would say no.

A beard which is thick on cheeks and saved around the neck looks incomplete, less full, and weird. This is something I have tried on myself and regretted. I don’t want you to go through the same fate.
If the damage is already done, trim the beard on your cheeks a little. It will cover everything.

Your beard should be just above your Adam’s apple when you’re looking straight.

5. Letting your long beard grow wild and uneven

A beard is just like a flower garden. It will not grow properly unless you trim it from time to time.

If you believe that you can achieve a long and thick beard just by naturally letting it grow, you’re living in a dilemma. You need to remove those hairs that are growing mindlessly. This way your beard with look less shabby, denser, and it will grow more uniformly.

So, clip your beard once in a while.

6. Lack of patience

This has happened with me a lot.

Every time I decided to grow a beard – I thought:

“Why it’s taking too long to grow? Fuck it. I am going to shave.”

As a result I could never grow it. Hence, the main key to growing a beard is patience. Once you’ve decided to grow your beard, you’ve to make up your mind.

So, you have 6 mistakes that you shouldn’t do while growing a beard. Now, it’s time for practical implementation.

PS: Don’t forget to share your beard growth experience with us in comments.