Suiting It Up with “Nick Jonas”

Suiting It Up with “Nick Jonas”

Suiting It Up with “Nick Jonas”

One of the members of the famous pop-rock band, The Jonas Brothers, Nick Jonas is a famous style icon. This American star sings, writes songs and is a good actor. Nick Jonas started his career with his band Jonas Brothers whose other members Kevin and Joe were his own siblings, Nick and his band started acting in their early days on a Disney TV series which was based upon their real-life band with the same name, Jonas Brothers. However, as the time has passed Nick is working as a solo artist now both in singing and acting.

Nick Jonas has always stood out when it comes to his styling on red carpets or award shows and he has nearly never disappointed. Here are some great looks that he pulled off brilliantly.

When Nick wore this red suit with a white button up shirt and accessorized it with a darker shade of pocket square at 2014 Young Hollywood Awards.

Another of his outstanding red carpet looks. Nick Jonas looked just amazing in this green colored coat and his bow tie makes it look even better.

Nick Jonas always rocked the red carpet looks. This is from the red carpet of VMAs 2014. This look is more on the subtle side if you look color wise, black coat with blue stripes but if you look at the detailing like the buttons of his waistcoat and his waistcoat in general, this look is just amazing.

So, Nick Jonas has a history record of good suits and he nails every look. Some of his recent looks that are worth mentioning are both from the Met Gala of 2017 and 2018. It just showed how Nick Jonas has upgraded his fashion game.

This is his look from Met Gala 2017. He wore Ralph Lauren for this occasion which looks just perfect for him. His patterned coat with a black bow tie goes really well together.

This is the most recent look he wore at Met Gala 2018. He made some interesting choices and it all went well together. An all-black look with a white inner is a classic look but Nick has worn it with his own charms.

In Nick’s whole dressing history we can see that he went for a no tie or bow tie but none of his looks looked any less formal or incomplete without a tie.