Dress sharp without a suit

Dress sharp without a suit

Dress sharp without a suit

These are simple style tips that you can use to dress sharp without having to wear a suit

Jeans and t-shirt dress sharp tip:

If you are going for jeans and a t-shirt, it’s got to fit really well and that doesn’t mean it’s got to be tight, it just has to fit your body type. For example, If you are a smaller guy, you are on the slimmer side, so for you slim fit works, but if you are the bigger guy it should be fitted, but not necessarily slimmer skinny. The bigger guy whether you are few extra pounds or athletic, you should just pay attention to the silhouette so the proportions.

Color dress sharp tip:

If you are going casual, pay attention to the color, and this also has a little bit to do with your body type, but you can use color to kind of control how you look, control your shape and your height a little bit. If you are the smaller guy you should always go for a low contrast outfit, so if you want dark colors you should go all dark, or if you want a bright color you should go all bright. Don’t make a big contrast. Even if you go for chinos and a polo, just because it is casual it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to be thoughtful about color.

The little things make your clothes more casual

You can just do little things to your clothes, your outfits to make them more casual. If you are wearing a sports coat, but you feel a little overdressed, you can cuff the sleeves a little bit, or if you are wearing a button-up shirt you can roll up your sleeves, or wear it untucked if it is the right length.