4 ways to tuck your shirt in

4 ways to tuck your shirt in

4 ways to tuck your shirt in


Every man, that goes on work in a suit have this problem, you start the day with your dress shirt tucked in, looking great, but after only an hour or two your shirt is coming out giving that dreaded muffin top look.

These are 4 ways to tuck your shirt in:

1. Basic tuck:

This is the method we are all familiar with, you simply tuck your shirt into your pants and you are good to go. This works for some men especially if you are in pretty good shape and you have got a well-tailored shirt, but for a lot of guys, they are going to need something more.

2. Military tuck:

To start this method you may find it easier to have your trousers unbuttoned. You are going to take the excess fabric at your sides, pinch them between your thumb and index finger, and then use your thumb to fold the excess fabric behind itself. Continue to adjust pushing more fabric into the fold until you are satisfied. Then button your trousers and make the final adjustments.

3.Underwear tuck:

If you typically wear an undershirt this is the technique you will want to use. Take your undershirt and tuck it into your underwear, then tuck your dress shirt over your underwear and into your trousers. This method helps keep your undershirt from pulling at your dress shirt and untucking it.

4. Shirt Stays

For this, you will need to purchase a set of shirt stays, also known as shirt garters. Shirt stays are elastic bands with attachments on each end that connect to your dress shirt on the one end, to the top of your socks on the other. They create light tension when worn and continuously pull on your shirt to keep it tucked in no matter what you are doing and the added bonus is they hold your socks up.