How to start your life over

How to start your life over

Looking for a fresh start? Take some advice from David Clark, a formerly 320- pound addict-tumed-champion ultramarathoner (and aspiring MMA fighter).

Admit Your Mistakes

"The only way to get to 100 percent commitment to a fresh start is to admit that you can't continue on the path you've been on," says Clark. "People often say, ‘It could always be worse,’ and that's meant to be an exercise in gratitude, but really, it gives us permission to stay where we are. Sure, it could be worse, but it could be a lot better, too."

Choose the Life You Want

“l chose running as a vehicle to help me get sober. Even if l could only do it for 15 seconds at the start, I had to do it. I watched movies that would motivate me; I researched runners and sobriety and everything that I thought aligned with the life I wanted. It takes work to make something a passion: You feed that fire and the harder you work to feed that fire, the more naturally the motivation comes."

Accept Your Pain

"Our behavior and our concept of who we are have to be in alignment: When they're not, there's a tremendous amount of conflict. I had to put my energy into changing who I'm supposed to be, instead of changing who I thought I was. You need to eat the pain, accept you've been wrong about who you thought you were. People don't know how strong they are until being that strong is required. "