List of Celebs Who Are Winning 2018 Style

List of Celebs Who Are Winning 2018 Style

List of Celebs Who Are Winning 2018 Style

So of course different artists have different sense of style and we agree that many of them have great sense of fashion mostly because they are surrounded by that kind of people. But in this crowded industry we see some actors that are absolutely nailing it when it comes to fashion, red carpets, award shows, street style, you name it.  

We prepared a list of actors that we think are some of the best dressers and know what makes them look good.

  1. Ryan Gosling

It is no surprise to see Ryan Gosling on this list. Acting or red carpet styling Ryan knows that he owns it all. That is not just his opinion though, his big fandom says it all. Ryan has a great sense of style and he has never worn anything slightly disappointing on a red carpet event. Being the heartthrob he is, he easily becomes the highlight of any show.

  1. David Gandy

No fashion list is complete without the name of David Gandy. This British super model is known worldwide not only for his modelling but also for the great sense of style he has. He brings any outfit to life. The perfect fit he emphasis in most of his outfit is the key to his perfect styling.

  1. Zac Efron

Zac Efron has a very perfect and cool style of dressing. He has that perfect body, hair and even his dressing Is almost always on point.

  1. Harry styles

Famous singer of the boy band “one Direction”, Harry Styles is known to have a very experimental nature when it comes to fashion and styling. He has his own unique style of dressing and loves to mix different styles. His style is kind of refreshing we would say.

  1. Adam Levine

If we are talking about fashion then Adam Levine is also another name that we would like to mention. The singer is known for his pop rock style of dressing, his probably favorite leather jacket because he is often seen wearing one. Adam has a very sharp style and it goes really well with his personality.

We realize that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. This was ours hope you agree with our list.