Benedict Cumberbatch’s Classic Trench Coat Look

Benedict Cumberbatch’s Classic Trench Coat Look

Benedict Cumberbatch’s Classic Trench Coat Look

If there is any celebrity in Hollywood that has a unique classic sense of style then it is Benedict Cumberbatch. From many of his appearances on the red carpets and other events we can see that he prefers to carry himself in classic attires and that is the one thing that most of his characters from the shows and movies have in common with his real life.

We all know Benedict Cumberbatch is undoubtedly an outstanding actor on screen and he captures all his audiences through his excellent performing/ acting skills. But not only his acting is outstanding we find his choice of appropriate attires is also remarkable and definitely draws attention to his character by adding details.

One of my personal favorite is his trench coat that he carries while playing his one of the most famous character Sherlock Holmes. I think that the trench coat just added so much to his Sherlock’s character. His character was meant to be perennial, sleek and not to fancy or anything but his style was to be like a statement an icon to be precise. And that is exactly what the trench coat helped it with.

Many fans often say that his coat is like a metaphor for an actual superhero cape.  It is not a literal cape but the flairs and everything just make it a good and decent replacement.

The fun part about this whole cape thing is that in 2016 Benedict got to play the character of Dr. Strange in Marvel series where he actually got to wear a cape and he looked just as sharp as he looks in his Holme’s character. That is when fans also noticed that he wears the cape and trench coats in all his series in a very similar manner which left everyone in amazement because is that a coincidence? I guess not, I can smell clear symbolism but that could just be how Cumberbatch wears his coats.

I am not saying that trench coats are a new trend that Cumberbatch started with his Sherlock series after all, The Matrix is an example of that but Cumberbatch’s character moulded into it really nicely and everyone felt it to be a part of his character. Even in the 2015 series Constantine Matt Ryan is seen wearing trench coat, however, it is more on the casual side than classic.